Venba is a narrative cooking game, where you play as an Indian immigrant mom, who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Players will cook various dishes and restore lost recipes, hold branching conversations and explore in this story about family, love, loss and more.


  • Cook Authentic And Delicious Recipes Handpicked From Regional Southern Indian Cuisine
  • Hold Branching Conversations And Choose Different Narrative Beats To Explore
  • Beautiful Visuals And Animations
  • Unique Soundtrack Inspired By Indian Musicals


Nintendo Switch TrailerYouTube | Download

Introduction TrailerYouTube | Download


About Visai Studios

Visai Games is a small studio based in Toronto that's focused on telling intimate stories through interesting mechanics

Venba Credits

Designer, Programmer, Writer
Sam Elkana
Art Director
Shahrin Khan
Producer, Writer
Tatsuya Morita-Ahad
Neha Patel
Sound Designer
Alpha Something
Music Director
Danik Tomyn
VFX Artist
Rae Minos
Gameplay Artist